Delta Dental Price Changes Means Big Impact For Dental Office


Delta Dental, Massachusetts’ largest Dental insurance provider, recently announced it would be lowering rates for employers and, in turn, reducing reimbursement rates for dentists. This left many Massachusetts dentists in a tough spot. Do they sign on to be a preferred provider at the expense of lower reimbursements? Or do they not sign on as a preferred provider and risk losing new and current clients?

Most dental offices interview stated they would be signing on with Delta Dental under their new policies. Why? Because Delta Dental is the largest dental provider in the state, they didn’t want to risk losing their current clients or missing out on new clients. With Delta Dental’s new lower rates for employers, it means the insurance provider will attract new employers to participate in their plans. Something dental offices said was worth the lower reimbursement rate.

So how can dental offices combat these lower reimbursements? The answer is simple: streamline their operations. If you’re still relying on paper filing systems, landlines, and paper appointment cards, we can help streamline operations to reduce your costs.

  1. Office 365
    The fastest, and easiest, way to quickly update your technology is making the switch to Office365. Office365 is Microsoft’s cloud offering for the Microsoft Office Software Products. Office365 allows you to access your Office software from anywhere. It also updates automatically and is priced based on number of users. Office365 also comes with the OneDrive, Microsoft’s Cloud Storage, so you can access files from anywhere.
  2. RingCentral
    Paying for a late night answering service? Missing client calls? Driving through blizzards to make sure you reschedule appointments? RingCentral is a cloud-based phone provider. You can route your phone number to any device connected to the internet or mobile data. RingCentral is managed through an application on your phone or through their website so re-directing your office number is easy. You can also access voicemails digitally.
  3. Managed Service Provider
    If you’re paying an hourly rate for IT support, it’s time to make a switch. Managed Service Providers offer a complete roster of services for an agreed upon monthly price. At Datasmith our Manager Service Agreements cover everything outline in your contract. All of our agreements also factor in a certain amount of on-site support. This means you can budget for the same monthly fee and not worry about fluctuating IT costs.

Delta Dental’s price changes do not have to make a huge impact on your bottom line. By streamlining your operations, you can reduce cost, increase efficiency, and combat these changes to the dental marketplace. Contact Datasmith to learn more.