Managed IT

What is a Technology Alignment Manager?

Technology is continuing to make waves in how businesses organize their processes, communicate with customers, and deliver a specific product or service. Business and IT alignment is vital for market impact and growth; and that’s where a Technology Alignment Manager can help. This role continually ensures as business goals pivot, so your IT is readily there to respond with necessary solutions to support and maintain momentum.

Do you believe your business is getting all the benefits it can from technology? Datasmith is here to understand your unique business challenges and empower you to make informed decisions all while keeping your vision focused on your goals.

The first part of our process involves developing a Standards Library to collate appropriate standards and best practices. In order to ensure that these best practices are being met it’s important to form a Standards Committee. We recommend the members of that committee are chosen from a range of roles and backgrounds from Customer Service to CEO. Variety is valuable.

We then perform a technical onsite review that solidifies the company standards alignment, after which it’s important to arrange periodic alignment visits to:

  • Help maintain and develop specialized technical knowledge associated with the client’s business and market.
  • Perform regular proactive services and prevent falling into a reactive break/fix cycle.
  • Identify potential technical risks and address technical issues firsthand.
  • Uphold best practices, encourage standards responsibility and provide additional recommendations to the vCIO.

Why Consider a Virtual CIO?

Protecting sensitive information, disaster recovery, technical support, and budgeting are just some of the key responsibilities of a vCIO – fun stuff, right? A solid security posture within a business is carefully cultivated in a well-developed workflow. Let the vCIO be the key to worry-free IT so you can focus on your areas of expertise. 

The Responsibilities of the Chief Information Officer

A Chief Information Officer (CIO) is a member of an executive team responsible for acquiring, implementing, and operating a business’s information technology systems and services. The rapid evolution of technology, its central role in our daily lives, and the rise of outsourced IT services for businesses of all shapes and sizes makes a vCIO an effective and strategic choice for any size business.

Among many responsibilities, a Datasmith vCIO will…

  • Maintain relationships with vendors, contractors, and service providers, including sourcing and purchasing equipment.
  • Oversee the implementation of new systems.
  • Recruit and train the staff necessary to perform company projects and tasks.
  • Create short and long-term budgeting of IT infrastructure, systems, hardware, and software, as well as developing dual strategies for IT systems.
  • Research, develop, and propose solutions.

Our vCIO will become your trusted advisor when it comes to all things IT. Whereas a Chief Technology Officer’s focus is the details of the technology itself, a vCIO is focused on the application and strategies that will utilize the technology for best business results. Doesn’t your business deserve the best?

A good vCIO is the one who works with you to understand your business, your clients, your goals, and then develops a technological path to achieve them.

We are your partner. Your IT advocate and ally.

How Our Support Leads To Satisfaction

Information Technology can be convoluted and there can be promises made when it comes to IT support – assurances of access to help 24/7, the guarantee that you’ll be talking to a person and not to a robot, fast response times, and effective solutions.

Datasmith is unique; we do what we say we’re going to do.

Our success derives from a deep understanding of your business. In our minds, the first step towards solving your IT challenges is to prevent them in the first place.

We’re big believers in busting out of the traditional break/fix cycle that costs companies so much time, energy, and resources. Our proactive approach means that we are constantly learning, evolving, and adapting your technology to be better, more secure, and effective.

The Importance of IT Infrastructure Management

Engaging in IT infrastructure management means taking control of your business operations. Everything from your network hardware to your applications and communications should be working in harmony to guarantee best results.

How does Datasmith help you achieve this? We start with a plan based on technical expertise, strategic planning, and a solid foundation of shared vision. When we understand the goals for the business you want to build, we then know how to help you build it. Especially when it comes to a digital environment, the more control we create for you, the better off your business and technological stability will be.

Some of our infrastructure-related services include:

  • Robust ticketing system & extensive reporting.
  • Management alerts and rapid issue resolution.
  • Problem & change management tracking.
  • Patch management & software updates.
  • Proactive troubleshooting & solutions.
  • Regular maintenance.

Learn how we can help manage your IT so you have more time to manage your business.