What Our Team Has To Say


At Datasmith, our mission is to create superior value for our clients by providing best-in-class, customized technology solutions. While our success derives from a deep understanding of our clients’ business needs along with our commitment to deliver exceptional service and value, it wouldn’t be possible without our passionate team!

Take it from Marvio Botticelli, our vCIO & Technology Strategist, who says, “What I love about Datasmith is that we have a TEAM whose first and foremost concern is the client.” Or Michael Christopher, our Inside Sales & Sales Administrator, who notes that, “Over the past 8 years what I’ve liked best about Datasmith is that it has always felt like family to me. I love and treat Datasmith as if it was my family.” We had fun asking the team what they love the most about their role.

Paul Smith, President, stated, “My favorite part is being part of something bigger than myself. I enjoy meeting new people, hearing different points of view, and feeling that my contributions help fuel the direction of our company.”

As a leading Managed and Cloud IT solutions provider, Datasmith has been helping clients to stay secure and reach their business goals for over 30 years. Something that couldn’t have been accomplished without a team-oriented mindset. Here’s what other team members wanted to share:

  • Vinny Rotella (Help Desk Engineer Tier I): “My favorite part of working at Datasmith is building relationships and speaking with our clients daily. Getting to know people on the other end of the phone brightens my day and just makes interactions much more enjoyable. It helps build comfortability not only for me, but for when the client calls in with each subsequent issue. I believe building these relationships is a vital part of Datasmith and our commitment of always putting the client first by making them feel valid, comfortable, and recognized.”
  • Terry Parise (Customer Success): “I would say that my favorite part about my job is the feeling of satisfaction I get when I successfully help and solve a client’s issue because when our clients are happy… we’re happy, too! I believe it’s essential to adopt the client’s viewpoint and imagine ourselves in the situation of the client in order to generate the best possible outcome. Clients are why we exist and their success is our success.”
  • George Georgenes (Business Operations Manager): “I personally gain satisfaction knowing that I play a small role in satisfying our clients. Over the past six months we focused on hiring two new engineers to bolster our Help Desk. Their work, in conjunction with Terry in the Customer Success seat, has raised our CSAT to 97%. The Datasmith team truly lives our ‘Customer First’ core value!”
  • Patrick Donnelly (Senior IT Project Manager): “One of my favorite parts of working at Datasmith is the ability to craft custom enterprise solutions for our clients that are tailored to their business needs. I love receiving feedback from our clients after they have used one of our solutions where they tell me how they are more productive and sleep better knowing their systems are rock solid. It is extremely satisfying knowing I play a part in helping to secure and grow someone’s business. I am passionate about learning new industry leading solutions so I can better assist our clients in implementing systems that meet their business requirements, resolve business paint points, and make life a little easier. In my position, I get to interact in various roles ranging from Engineering Architect, Sales Engineer, Project Manager, and at times, Project Implementer. I enjoy developing a solution and managing it from start to finish. Everyone on Datasmith’s team is tightly integrated where we share experiences and knowledge to deliver the best outcome and I know I can count on everyone. The best part is being able to see my work helping others.”
  • Wayne Longabard (Director of IT Engineering): “Being part of the Datasmith team is much more than simply being employed with a great Managed Services provider; here I am a member of a family. I derive much job satisfaction out of providing the best support possible to our clients and our core values align perfectly with that. The entire Datasmith team is amazing to work with and I sincerely look forward to working alongside them all every day!”
  • Bernie Provencal (Help Desk Engineer Tier II): “My favorite part of working at Datasmith is the people I work with. It’s my opinion that who you work with, is as important as what you do. Paul and George have assembled a great group of people who are not only talented and dedicated, but a pleasure to work with.”

Family. People. Clients. Core Values… Those are just some of the words our team uses to describe their experience at Datasmith, where people drive our business and our service. We don’t just ask you to take us at our word. We show you how we can help. Contact us today if you have any questions around how to leverage IT in your business.

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