Celebrating IT Professionals Day


The third Tuesday of every September is your chance to recognize the technical experts – database admins, ethical hackers, network engineers, system administrators, and many more type of IT professionals – that make sure your systems run smoothly!

Created in 2015, IT Professionals Day is an opportunity to show appreciation for the tech wizards who take care of the nuts and bolts so that employee’s workstations stay connected to company networks and operate flawlessly.

ITProDay.org notes that unsung tech experts rise to the occasion every day to keep IT services humming along. This special day recognizes the critical role IT professionals play in managing and maintaining the systems and applications that power our digital experience.

National IT Professionals Day is a great day for many reasons, but these are a few of our favorite ones:

  • When it comes to technology, IT Professionals can do things that most of us can’t.
  • They’re essential and indispensable, and IT Professionals deserve recognition like anyone else.
  • IT Professionals Day offers a chance for you to get to better know an acquaintance in your office while learning a little more about IT.

As a leading Managed and Cloud IT solutions provider, Datasmith knows what it means to create superior value for our clients by providing best-in-class, customized technology solutions.

In IT, success derives from a deep understanding of clients’ business needs along with a commitment to delivering exceptional service and value. That’s how we’ve come to receive testimonials, like this one:

“We hired Datasmith back in 2016 and the experience has been a complete 180 from what we were accustomed to. They are responsive, professional, dependable, and most importantly, understand the needs of our business. From a technology perspective, brining Datasmith onboard was one of the best decisions we have ever made, and they have earned our strongest recommendation.” – Gregory C.

Providing opportunities to increase your efficiency, reinforce your security, and maximize your return on investment couldn’t be done without our amazing team of IT professionals. Today is the perfect day for us to say thank you to all of them; you really are the Datasmith Difference!

At Datasmith, we rely on our Live Virtual Help Desk, Service Desk, and unparalleled Staff Assistance to ensure that we always have your back!

It takes a special skill set to operate effectively as an IT professional, so today, take a minute to say thanks to the people who fix your devices when they stop working. And the next time you need assistance, give us a call!

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