5 Common IT Investment Mistakes


As your business grows, it is common to look to invest in technologies that improve operations, productivity, and give you a competitive advantage. Implementing new or upgraded enterprise software, cloud infrastructures, or big data reporting tools are the most frequently request IT upgrades. If you haven’t done an IT update in a while, now is the time. Here are some common mistakes to avoid:

Improper Budgeting

IT projects have bad rep for being “over budget.” In reality most IT projects end up costing more due to the lack of planning for the investment. It is imperative to assess all angles of an upgrade. Time, cost, training, availability are just a few of the areas to assess when planning. One way to stay on track is to create a baseline by comparing similar projects internally to your organization or with industry peers that can help spot weaknesses in the expected financials or timeline.


Taking The Shortcut

Every organization wants to save time and get up and running quickly. However, there are no shortcuts when it comes to implementing new technology into your organization. Making sure every step is correctly implemented will prevent major downtime or errors in the future.

Underestimating The Impact

When changing your company’s technology you have to first start by assessing who will be using the new technology. If you workforce isn’t capable of learning new processes or software, you may be implementing the wrong technology. It is expected that new technology will take time for users to learn but it shouldn’t completely derail day to day operations. Finding the right upgrade that will meet your workforce’s needs, operational goals, and skill level will ensure smooth sailing upon implementation.

Will it integrate?

We take for granted how far technology has come. Twenty years ago you had to ensure every piece of tech worked with new software. Today most new technologies are built to integrate with other technologies. However, companies should never assume that new tech will work with their workforce’s preferred browser, devices, or hardware. It’s critical that you understand how the technology you’re investing in interrelates with technology you already have to avoid unwanted additional upgrades.

The Logistics

Implementing new technology is just the initial expense for your upgrade. Has your vendor explained how they will maintain this new tech? What will is cost to maintain, repair, and operate this new technology? Thinking beyond the initial implementation will help your organization determine if you can sustain this new IT long-term.

Implementing new technology shouldn’t be overwhelming. Datasmith Network Solutions can assess your business to determine what new technology will meet your goals. Whether it’s improving operations or helping the bottom line, Datasmith can help you implement the right tech to get your business ahead of the competition.