Why Do I Need Multi-Factor Authentication?


We know security is constantly changing. We also know many businesses will be reopening soon. Do you have a security strategy to return to the office? How will your needs change in the new environment? Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a great place to start to secure your workloads and the workplace. 

For those that are staying remote, MFA has become a necessity there too. There’s no denying that remote work is the star of the security show right now. It’s more important than ever for organizations to provide their employees with the tools they need to be protected. Some highlights from this Trusted Access Report include:

  • Businesses experienced a 72% increase in MFA during the pandemic and the total devices with biometrics enabled increased by 64% for extra security layers.
  • Average number of daily authentications to Cloud apps increased 40%. Everyone is moving to the Cloud!
  • MFA will stop over 99.9% of hacker attempts!

At Datasmith, it’s our job to make your application access more secure. While every business strategy will be slightly different, there are a few fundamental factors to consider – key plays to have in your security playbook, so to speak. We’re proud to have the answers to what keeps businesses safe and thriving during this time.

Simply contact us for a quick conversation. We can get you up and running in minutes.

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