You may have heard of the Internet of Things or IoT recently. This term is popping up in mainstream media with more frequency. We are here to break down this term and help you understand its importance on the IT world.

As you may know almost any technological device comes with Wi-Fi capabilities and the ability to connect with other devices. It is rare to purchase something from the technology world that isn’t able to connect to the Internet and another piece of equipment. The way we connect to the Internet has changed as well. It is now easier and more affordable to have broadband Internet and Wi-Fi networks. Companies like Comcast and AT&T offer free hotspots to customers just about anywhere.

Now that all of these devices are easily available and somewhat affordable and the Internet is accessible just about anywhere, we create the Internet of Things. The IoT, simply put, is any device connected to the Internet. We have millions of devices currently accessing the Internet and many of those devices are wired with the capability to “talk” to one another.

The IoT refers to finding a way to make these devices work for us. Imagine getting in your car to go to work in the morning and your car already knows where traffic is. Wearing a watch to work that tells you when you were most productive that day. Or picture your alarm clock signaling your coffee maker to start making coffee because you are awake. The IoT is finding a way to get this network of devices to work for us and make our lives easier.

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