Top 3 Benefits of Managed IT


Information Technology can be convoluted. Which is why it’s important that your organization understands the benefits of Managed IT before diving into a relationship with a Managed Services Provider (MSP).

An MSP can help alleviate your day-to-day IT workload, giving you time to focus on more important projects. Managed IT benefits include the dedication, industry knowledge, and expertise of an entire IT department that is focused on the delivery of your core business competencies.

Ultimately, MSPs can increase your business’s efficiency and competitiveness by providing your organization with managed services advantages. Here are Datasmith’s Top 3 Benefits of Managed IT:

Control IT Costs: According to American Express, Managed IT services have low start-up costs and steady monthly payments, making it easier for you to budget for your IT expenses. Partnering with an MSP maximizes your IT budget by maintain a large team with certifications across a variety of technology fields for a single monthly fee.

Expertise & Experience: Business News Daily notes that MSPs have skilled personnel dedicated to each function of IT, meaning they are better equipped all around. An MSP gives you access to top-notch IT administrators with specific skill sets, negating the need to find and hire them yourself.

Improve Efficiency: MSPs, according to CIO, can invest in technologies and expertise in ways that individual companies, especially smaller ones, cannot, resulting in greater efficiency and performance. By alleviating your internal IT staff from the day-to-day “fires” and repetitive proactive duties, your team can focus on how technology is supporting your core business objectives.

MSPs can help you with day-to-day tasks and complex projects such as: data center solutions, cloud computing, disaster recovery planning, cybersecurity, and end user support.

At Datasmith, we provide support that leads to satisfaction. The Datasmith Difference includes:

  • Technology Alignment Manager: Consistent proactive services to prevent the break/fix cycle, with specialized technical knowledge for your industry.
  • Virtual Chief Information Officer: Provides short and long-term budgeting strategy for IT systems, while researching, developing, and proposing solutions.
  • Infrastructure Management: Regular maintenance and troubleshooting, supplemented by management alerts and rapid issue resolution.
  • 24/7 Help Desk Support: The first point of contact for customers when needed with the expertise to establish the right plan for the need.

At Datasmith, our proactive approach means that we are constantly learning, evolving, and adapting your technology to be better, more secure, and effective. We’re big believers in saving your business time, energy, and resources. Free yourself to focus on your business with Managed IT through Datasmith, contact us today to learn how our solutions can benefit your organization!

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