Tech Trends We’re Thankful For.


During the Thanksgiving holiday, we all think about what we are thankful for. Family, friends, and health are always at the top of the list. What we have also found, especially during this recent time of uncertainty, is that community is also at the top of our list. Whether it be personal or business, the Datasmith team leverages the community around us to help learn, stay motivated, share ideas, and grow.

If there is one thing we noticed the most in our community this year, it’s that technology makes life easier. Given the surge into the digital normal and being an MSP, we get to see the technology solutions that have the biggest impact on our clients and what we know will remain critical for years to come. A recent report from Gartner talks about tech trends to look for in the New Year –  some of which we already see:

  • Cloud: It has become universal, touching the lives of anyone that uses the internet. It protects our data ensuring that information that matters most to us is stored and accessible from any device.
  • Mobile: There is probably no other technology that has had a greater impact on our everyday lives than mobile. It has completely changed the way we all communicate, work, and play.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: New technology trends also introduce increased risk, but there is a simple way to add extra security layers on your personal devices to immediately stop hackers.
  • Internet of Things: From controlling your thermostat to turning up the volume on the TV to dimming lights and more, devices are connected everywhere and offer highly efficient features.
  • Artificial Intelligence: AI is entering our everyday lives at a fast pace thanks to its increased data volumes, advanced algorithms, and improvements in computing power and storage.

We understand it can be overwhelming to stay on top of trends and the solutions that fall into each of these. Leave IT to us. We’ll do the heavy lifting. At Datasmith, we are thankful for our community of clients, employees, and partners that make it possible for us to bring peace of mind when it comes to leveraging the right technology.  We’re here to have a totally free, no-obligation conversation with you. Just a few minutes will bring clarity on how to better leverage existing solutions and how to act on these top trends.

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