Staying Ahead of Challenges Posed by COVID-19


Even in midst of the chaos our focus today is the same as it’s always been – ensuring you and your assets are safe and you have the most reliable solutions in place. We believe that a typical crisis plays out in three ways: respond, in which a business deals with the present situation and manages continuity; recover, during which a business learns and emerges stronger; and thrive, where the business prepares for and shapes the “next normal.” Here’s how Datasmith can help:

  •  Business Continuity Planning – A thorough evaluation of your current continuity plans, analysis of what your current risk profile looks like, solution recommendations to best fit your needs, and integration to minimize the impact of future threats. Everything comes with cost savings from being well prepared, and peace of mind.
    • Cloud For Business – Businesses that rely on cloud capabilities for their IT systems and back-office have the benefit to not worry about personnel going into the data centers to check, maintain, and monitor server and storage installations. Your data can be protected 24/7 even in the midst of a global crisis. Now is a great time to switch to the cloud and leverage the ability to create resilient and disaster-averse systems anywhere around the world to protect your business integrity and support an increasingly remote workforce.
  • Telecommunication Solutions – The major benefit to integrating leading mobile and desktop meeting applications is you can host and join meetings wherever you go. Built in collaboration tools and screen sharing make it easy for you to remain connected with your team or still take those meetings with vendors by sharing content in real-time.
    • Virtual Desktop – With the pressures of shrinking budgets and the ability to collaborate over a dispersed workforce, desktop virtualization provides a cost-effective and secure way for employees to perform their job function from anywhere. We can also assist with setting up a reliable WiFi network in your home.
    • Hosted PBX – With so many moving parts – phones, desktops, laptops, remote employees – it can be challenging to streamline and unify systems and information. That’s where Datasmith’s Hosted Private Branch Exchange (Hosted PBX) comes into play. This cloud-based communications platform is designed for cohesion and collaboration by saving time and lowering monthly costs up to 50% compared to traditional services.
  • Cybersecurity Offerings – Our security plans are designed to help employees stay vigilant in a time when cyber criminals are on the lookout more than ever to exploit people’s fears and compromise your business. We have the expertise to neutralize threats, protect your network, and adapt safeguards to address future infiltration attempts.
    • External Penetration Tests – This leading test can help discover any vulnerabilities in your system by mimicking the actions of an actual threat actor. The goal is to identify the information being exposed to outsiders and the security measures needed to better defend and avoid costly data breaches.

The entire Datasmith team is here to support you. We can setup a remote conference to show you the plans we have to combat this challenging time to help keep you and your daily operations running smoothly. In response to the Massachusetts stay-at-home advisory 3/23–4/7, we implemented our own remote workforce.

We will continue to support clients via the following ways.

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