Smiling Through an Office Overhaul

When most of us sit in a dentist’s chair, we think about the professional care at hand. In the case of Chestnut Hill Square Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, we’d likely anticipate a dazzling new smile or better health due to dental implants or reconstructive procedures.

But behind the scenes, this successful Oral Surgery practice is just like any other business, requiring quick communication, data security, and reliable record-keeping to support their needs and those of their clients. As with any medical facility, the network must also comply with privacy standards.

Speaking with Jeffrey Sacks, DMD, MS, one of the three doctors at Chestnut Hill Oral Surgery, he shared his positive experience with Datasmith Network Solutions.

“We met Datasmith five years ago,” Dr. Sacks explains, “when they first integrated our office systems.” Datasmith had been referred by a colleague who indicated they were “the vendor of choice” for this specialized community.

 “Datasmith is very familiar with dental software and requirements, not just the hardware,” Dr. Sacks explains. “We don’t have to teach them; they teach us.” So naturally, when Chestnut Hill Oral Surgery prepared to move to a new facility, they called Datasmith Network Solutions.

Datasmith worked closely with the doctors, space planners and contractors from the outset. As a result, an integrated timeline was put in place and the premises were pre-wired, with all cabling hidden and an IT closet built, prior to equipment installation and interior design.

The physical relocation provided an exciting opportunity to reinvent and upgrade their technology.

First and foremost, Datasmith changed the traditional phone network to a Hosted PBX system that utilizes cloud technology. According to Dr. Sacks, this eliminated the need for multiple phone lines and created greater efficiency, with the ability to add as many phones as needed.

Datasmith also installed “extreme safeguards” as Dr. Sacks describes: computer virus control plus mechanisms that meet HIPAA requirements. HIPAA, which stands for the American Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, is a set of rules that health care providers must follow. These guidelines mandate how medical records and billing are documented and handled to ensure patient privacy.

“Everyone in the office has a password,” Dr. Sacks explains, “so we know who’s logged into the system and where they have been.” This discourages unauthorized access or casual browsing.

We asked Dr. Sacks what changes he’s noticed since first working with Datasmith. The one thing that stands out is the move from “many boxes” to all-in-one computers. The fact that newer equipment is “neat and tidy” appeals to his sense of order which is so important to a medical practice.

He’s also intrigued with the wireless way of the world. “All our mice and keyboards are wireless now. We also have wireless printers,” he says, adding, “We can rely on Datasmith to upgrade our equipment as the technology advances. We have a personal relationship with them, and they support us in that relationship.”

Without prompting, Dr. Sacks elaborates: “Their service is just fantastic,” he says, recalling a past incident when a virus took their system down. “They were in here for 3 days straight and resolved it.” Today, Chestnut Hill Oral Surgery is on a two-hour a month on-site maintenance

program with 24/7 monitoring. “It’s very easy for them to catch problems before they become bigger,” Dr. Sacks explains, noting that with Datasmith, “Things get done. They don’t just install and disappear.” That provides a great comfort level because “we can’t get along without our computers.”

When asked if it was challenging to adjust to Hosted PBX phones and a wireless environment, Dr. Sacks says ‘no.’ “Datasmith sat down with us and went through the functions. We basically had a day of training. Plus we know that they’re only a call away. They respond immediately.”

One thing that impressed him most was the level of engagement from the top, down. “Paul and Steve (referring to business partners Paul Smith and Steve Sylvia) are involved with every step of the project. They’re not ‘background people.’ They’re active participants and know exactly what’s happening.”

Speaking of the Datasmith team, Dr. Sacks notes, “They’re very personable people, they work hard, they deliver the highest level of skill, and they’re making leaps and bounds in growing the company. They have great service, and we have great confidence in them.” He caps that off by adding, “Did you know that Paul spent two days here, with the installation, himself?”

Now those are some good reasons to smile. 

Photos by Jim Webber Photography, courtesy of Chestnut Hill Square Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associates.

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