Planning Ahead For 2022


As with every year, the onset of November indicates that the holiday season is not far off! But as November gives way to December, so too does December give way to January, and with that, the onset of a New Year!

In an organizational setting it’s important to not let these last few weeks of 2021 go by without reflecting on what has been and preparing for what will be in 2022. Especially in the IT industry, we’ve found that planning ahead allows your organization to keep your business sage and functioning at full efficiency.

The last two years have shown us that the digitalization and virtualization of business and society are growing at an accelerated rate. What other trends might be drivers of digital transformation in the coming years?

Gartner identified twelve top strategic technology trends for 2022, including: generative artificial intelligence, distributed enterprise, cloud-native platforms, hyper-automation, and cybersecurity mesh. Bernard Marr, an Enterprise Tech Contributor at Forbes, noted that the need for sustainability, ever-increasing data volumes, and increasing compute and network speeds would gain status at the most important drives of digital transformation in 2022.

Which led to his claim that the five biggest technology trends of 2022 would relate to the ideas of:

  1. Artificial Intelligence Being Everywhere
  2. The Growth of Everything-As-A-Service and the No-Code Revolution
  3. Digitalization, Datafication, and Virtualization
  4. Transparency, Governance, and Accountability
  5. Sustainable Energy Solutions

Capitalizing on gained insight into how organizations can use IT to overcome business challenges and improve operational efficiency will be a key aspect of planning ahead in future years. So, what do you want to accomplish in 2022? Do you have any projects that need to be wrapped up in 2021? Want to migrate to the Cloud? Aiming to establish a better security awareness culture? The Datasmith team is ready to assist you.

How will your organization look to engineer trust, sculpt change, and accelerate growth going forward? It’s important to make sure you’re asking the right questions, creating a functional plan, and establishing specific and attainable goals.

At Datasmith, we aim to provide candid answers and best-in-class business outcomes. As a leading managed and cloud IT solutions provider, we’ve been helping clients stay secure and reach their business goals for over 30 years! Between our Live Virtual Help Desk, Service Desk, and unparalleled Staff Assistance, we’ve always got your back. So, don’t wait until 2022 to accomplish your goals, contact us today!

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