Onboarding Should Be Easy!


The customer experience is an important aspect of the managed services provider-client relationship. Datasmith believes that a high-touch, proactive approach improves operational efficiencies for your business by leveraging robust solutions to create new revenue streams or enhancing existing ones.

Utilizing an MSP allows you to leverage the power of information technology to help achieve your business goals and switching MSPs doesn’t have to be difficult. So, how do we ensure a smooth customer experience? How do we provide a service that is timely, cost effective, and beneficial for your organization?

We rely on our Onboarding RoadmapWe start with an introduction and provisioning in weeks 1 through 3; this includes an introductory client call, an onsite discovery visit, and the installation of important tools.

Weeks 3 through 4 are an assessing and confirming period; all endpoints become active and accessible, help desk and tech support are primed, and your overall security posture is enhanced.

In weeks 3 through 5 we go live! At the same time, we also schedule a technical business review.

From weeks 2 through 9, we monitor and make adjustments, fine-tuning the management of alerts, and tickets.

Months 3 through 12 are a process of improvements; during this time, we refine monitoring, alerting, and reporting, apply scripts and automation, and evaluate infrastructure issues.

Life cycle management occurs in months 6 through 24! During this stage you receive warranty management, infrastructure optimization, and systems upgrade management. 

Lastly, years 1 and 2 include a technical business review roadmap. We’ll help you create a 2-year, budgeted, strategic plan to enhance security, increase productivity, and implement innovative technologies to keep you profitable and productive.

At Datasmith, we’ll help you analyze your business needs, create a custom solution, and implement it either independently or with internal IT teams. You never have to wonder whether you’re getting the best of the best; embrace the possibility for peace of mind when it comes to your business tech, leave IT to us!

If you’re interested in learning more about the Datasmith onboarding roadmap, our best-in-class business outcomes, or managed IT services, contact us today!

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