The Internet of Things


More than ever before, technology is a constant presence in our lives and the Internet of Things (IoT) is just another example of this. In a world where everything that can be connected almost certainly will be connected, there are a lot of possibilities, which also raises the number of risks.

But what exactly is IoT and what does it have to do with your business? IoT is anything that has the ability to connect to the Internet, from the smart phone in your hand, to your car, or to a plane’s navigation system. IoT can have a significant impact on your business model, operations, and standards.

How does IoT impact your business and what effect might this have on technology spending in the future? Here are some facts that will help you better understand the rise of IoT:

  • In 2018, 30% of enterprises used IoT. It was expected to rise to 65% by 2020 (Gartner)
  • In 2020, there were 7 billion internet-connected things (Gartner)
  • By 2021, over 85% of SMB IoT projects were built on net new technology spending (IDC)
  • By 2023, $400 billion will be spent per year on IoT solutions, with manufacturing being one of the top sectors to utilize this technology for daily operations (Business Insider)

At Datasmith, our IoT offerings include: Readiness Assessment + Audit, Connectivity, Security, and Infrastructure. First, we determine if adopting IoT is the best path for your business and if it is, we create a roadmap for adaptation. Next, we conduct a site survey to confirm that your company has the infrastructure to support IoT for better business outcomes. Then, we work with you to secure it all.

We specialize in penetration testing to provide an invaluable map of your network’s strengths and weaknesses and build from the ground up, ensuring strong and efficient infrastructure from the start.

Adapting your business to IoT is no small task. You need to have a skilled guide to lead you through the process, ensuring maximum efficiency and security. Datasmith can be that guide! Let us create an IoT roadmap for you and your business. Join us in this digital transformation – you won’t regret it.

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