Dental Office Avoids Interruption With Back-Up Solution

Nashoba Family Dentists, a dental practice with over 35 years of combined dentistry experience and locations across Massachusetts, prides itself on providing exceptional dental service for its clients. For overall IT management and support, the dental office trusts Datasmith Network Solutions, an IT solutions company that has been providing managed IT services for 30 years. When Datasmith assessed the dental office’s current technology, they quickly realized that the practice was at a serious risk of being disrupted by an IT outage due to the age of the firm’s current server and lack of backup. Datasmith suggested the firm implement Axcient and switch to a newer, updated server. The switch to Axcient came at the perfect time, as soon thereafter Nashoba’s server crashed. Instead of losing data, or even worse disrupting their business, Datasmith had the office back at work in no time. Tina, office manager at Nashoba Family Dentists, explains how she found Datasmith, “Upon realizing our current, on-site server was very outdated and on its way to causing us some major technical issues, we began exploring different IT solutions companies to update our outdated server,” said Tina. “After several interviews, we met with Datasmith. Datasmith took the time to learn about our business and how we operated. They then recommended the best IT solutions to meet our needs and a plan that would implement this new technology with minimal interruption to everyday business.”


Dental practice had no data protection and recovery solution implemented
Old server running critical files had a high probability of crashing
Client couldn’t risk a business shut down or delay due to the nature of their business

Datasmith review of IT environment and implementation of Axcient Business Recovery Cloud
Local and cloud protection for data and applications with instant server failover

Upon a server crashing was able to immediately failover to Axcient and avoid practice interruption
Ability to recover the server image with Bare Metal Restore without impacting the business
Simple Web-based dashboard that provides easy access to protected devices and recovery functions


With over 15 clients and 9 TB of data being protected by Axcient’s Business Recovery Cloud, Datasmith is used to replacing legacy backup products with cloud-based disaster recovery, or DRaaS. But it wasn’t always like this, as Paul Smith, owner at Datasmith recalls. “Prior to switching over to Axcient, we were using other solutions which was not a complete solution. It did not work well on its own and needed another component for off sitting data to the cloud. This not only made work harder for us but made things difficult for our clients.” Datasmith’s clients were thrilled with how quickly, and seamlessly, their critical business data would backup to Axcient. They also liked that if anything were to happen, they could start running their business instantly and not have to wait for IT to solve the problem. The real success story came when working with a multi-location dental firm: Nashoba Family Dentists. Paul Smith, partner, explains: “Our dental firm client, Nashoba Family Dentists, did not have any disaster recovery solution in place for their client or patient data,” said Smith. “They had one outdated physical server with about 400 GB of critical data and applications. The office’s only backup was the server – they were at a huge risk for losing critical information and more importantly, business operating time.”


“Our main concern with Nashoba Family Dentists was one server that stored the majority of the office’s critical business information,” said Smith. “I knew we had to replace it with a new server because it could crash at any time. Before we began the switch, we deployed Axcient to backup their server should anything happen when we switched servers.” Smith’s concern was that if the server went down it would take the practice down with it; requiring hours to recover data – if the server was salvageable at all. “As soon as we proposed Axcient and deployed it, they encountered a disaster scenario,” said Smith. “The server crashed, but luckily we were able to spin up a virtual server within minutes – their business never skipped a beat.” “Sure enough when we began the switch, our old, outdated, server crashed and there was absolutely no way to get it back on or access files,” said Tina. “Luckily we had the Axcient backup so nothing was lost. What made Axcient even better is that we were able to almost instantaneously resume work because the Axcient backup operated in the cloud. We had minimal down time and our clients never noticed the hiccup.” While the dental firm was running on Axcient, Smith and his team were able to perform a BMR (Bare Metal Restore) to a new server without interrupting the business. Nashoba Family Dentists didn’t miss a single appointment, meeting, or file. Datasmith was able to seamlessly keep their business running despite the disaster that ensued.


“The Axcient solution is so easy to deploy, we literally just have to flip it on and our clients are being protected,” said Smith. As the managed service provider, Datasmith manages all aspects of the solution for its clients. “It’s very easy for us to go into the Web-based interface and manage our clients, said Smith. “If we need to spin a server locally, we can do that and our client is up and running within minutes. Axcient gives us the peace of mind; we know we can protect our clients.”

Case study designed by Axicent. Download the full case study here.

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