Data Locking Virus Can’t Touch Business with Axcient


Datasmith’s client, All Natural, operates using two servers for critical data and applications reaching nearly 200 GB of data. It quickly became apparent that a reliable backup and disaster recovery solution was key to a successful IT plan for this client. “All Natural encountered a hit with the Cryptolocker virus,” said Smith, “All of their files and folders were being eaten up by the virus.” The Cryptolocker virus is unique. The virus can quickly be removed from the computer but the files remain encrypted and unusable. For this particular client, the Cryptolocker virus took over an entire server and all of the files became corrupted. Since Datasmith utilizes Axcient, Smith knew that they would have no problem restoring and getting them back up and running with in no time.


“This was another great moment for us to put Axcient to the test,” said Smith. “We were able to spin up their server from the most recent restore point within minutes on the local appliance. They didn’t lose any data and the incident went unnoticed.” The Axcient Business Recovery Cloud provides true business continuity. The hybrid cloud architect gives companies local and cloud protection. In a disaster scenario, like a server fail, Datasmith can instantly spin the server up locally on the Axcient appliance from the latest back-up. If the entire office fails, or there is an office fire, you can virtualize the office in the Axcient cloud and continue working. “The entire process was very clean and easy,” said Smith. “There was no downtime, and we were able to do a bare metal restore to an existing server to apply all of the clean data over there.”


“It’s so easy to flip the Axcient solution on, I think people need to understand how beneficial that is. As a managed service provider, it’s ideal to get your clients up and protected as fast as possible,” said Smith. “It’s very easy for us to go into the Web-based interface and manage our clients,” said Smith. “If we need to do a failover, virtualize an office, or set up back-up jobs we can do that within minutes, it’s very intuitive.” Axcient also provides unlimited disaster recovery testing in a sandboxed environment. “We are going to start looking into DR testing, so we can ensure that we are providing our clients with the most secure and reliable solution in the market,” Smith concluded.

Case study designed by Axicent. Download the full case study here.

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