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One of the best studies regarding data loss in the world, conducted by David Smith of Pepperdine University, shows that the root cause and incident percentage of data loss incidents to be the following: hardware failure – 40%, human error – 29%, software corruption – 13%, theft – 9%, computer viruses – 6%, and hardware destruction – 3%.

Preventing data loss can still stay within your budget. The implications of experiencing a data loss event can be catastrophic, which is why understanding some of the root causes, and having the right IT, is most important.

Hardware Failure: Can be internal or external. Data storage devices, such as hard drives, are susceptible to destruction through physical or mechanical faults. Overheating, water and fire, power failure, mishandling, and improper connection are just a few ways a hard drive can be damaged.

Human Error: Data manipulation, which occurs at almost all businesses, involves a lot of typing, editing, updating, and deletions, processes that are prone to user errors. Other ways human error can occur is through accidental deletion of data files and spillage of liquids.

Software Corruption: Any application used for requesting data can crash, resulting in data loss. Error also occurs in backup, including failure of systems to create file copies and the inability to stop automatic deletion of files.

Ensure you never lose important data and meet legal and regulatory requirements with a new cloud-to-cloud solution for Microsoft 365: Acronis!

With Acronis’ easy, efficiency, and secure cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery you can expect:

  • Fast recovery even after permanent deletion in Microsoft 365.
  • A convenient cloud-to-cloud solution with nothing to install.
  • Quick access to backup data via comprehensive search.
  • Reliable point-in-time recovery of single files and entire sites.
  • Simple, affordable per-GB and per-seat pricing, with no upfront costs.
  • A multi-tenant, multi-tier solution that’s made for service providers.

An easy and affordable solution, Acronis will backup all the data your Microsoft 365 applications 24-7-365 and help you recover within seconds if a loss occurs.

Acronis Cyber Protection Solutions protect all data, applications, and systems; empowering IT teams with cyber protection solutions built for today and tomorrow!

At Datasmith, we aim to create superior value for out clients by providing best-in-class, customized technology solutions. And we believe that if you’re serious about data protection, then you organization needs to consider Acronis.

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