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Lessons Learned from Equifax

Needless to say Equifax has left a bad taste in many consumers’ mouths. With vague responses to what actually happened to cause such a massive breach and limited solutions for […] Read more »


Understanding The Equifax Security Breach

143 Million People Compromised: Equifax announced last week that a security breach has potentially exposed 143 million people What Happened? On Tuesday, Equifax announced a security breach due to an Apache […] Read more »


Companies spent $157 BILLION Dollars on Information Security

Companies all over the world spent $157 billion on cyber security products over the past two years. This amount is expected to rise drastically over the next five years. Creating a […] Read more »


Ransomware Can Cost A Business $700,000

Cybercrime: criminal activities carried out by means of computers or the Internet. Over recent months cybercrimes have made national news headlines. From the PetYa virus to WannaCry, cyber attackers have […] Read more »


Avoiding A Mutli-Million Dollar Mistake – Join us at our next Breakfast and Learn!

The well-known Target data breach has cost over $250 million and counting to resolve. The scariest part? The breach could have been avoided if the right cybersecurity measures were appropriately […] Read more »


Microsoft Set To Lay Off 3,000 Employees to Focus on The Cloud

From – Microsoft announced Thursday that it would lay off 3,000 employees as it puts more resources toward the cloud, which Chief Executive Satya Nadella has predicted will rapidly gain […] Read more »


What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure has been making headlines lately due to Microsoft’s recently lay off. Microsoft made the decision to lay off nearly 121,000 employees internationally to focus on cloud based projects. […] Read more »


How To Create A Cyber Security Plan

With digital threats increasing in frequency and severity, cyber security is quickly becoming a top priority for businesses. Remember when places like Target and Home Depot faced massive security breaches? […] Read more »


SECURITY ALERT: New Ransomware Threat – Petya Virus

The Petya virus is the latest ransomware to hit thousands of computers internationally. Believed to have started in Ukraine this virus has already shut down companies in Russia, Australia, and the […] Read more »


How To Prevent Ransomware in 2017

In May 2017, a message greeted workers in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS): “Oops, your files have been encrypted!” This is how malware known as WannaCry made its debut. […] Read more »