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Vendors Now Selling iPhone Hacking Technology

  Apple may no longer claim the title of “most secure mobile phone.” Law enforcement agencies have recently shown interest in iPhone encryption hacking software from two new vendors. In […] Read more »


Technology is a Hidden Competitive Advantage

Less than 2o years ago businesses were built without things like the Internet, smart phones, and tablets. Today businesses are inundated with technologies like robotics, Artificial intelligence and quantum computing which will […] Read more »


Strategic Investment Guide for Technology

CFOs are looking for the best ROI. What will the money the company spends give back to the organization? Sometimes the ROI is clear: if you invest in a new […] Read more »


Can your IT software and equipment help with your taxes?

Many businesses have just wrapped up or in the middle of tax season. The one time of year where everyone frantically searches for receipts, invoices, and financial records. There are […] Read more »


The Economic Census is Coming Next Month

Did you know that the census measures more than just the civilian population? The US Census also creates an economic census report every 5 years. Every five years, the U.S. Census Bureau […] Read more »


Protecting Your Business Data In Bad Weather

New England is no stranger to long, cold winters. In 2018 we had 3 powerful Nor’Easters that crippled homes and businesses for weeks. Your business data is critical to operations. Your […] Read more »


Unleash The Power of The Cloud

Today’s businesses need the scale and flexibility that cloud provides if they want to remain competitive. With the cloud becoming such a significant part of business today, it is no surprise […] Read more »


Datasmith Announces Microsoft Surface Authorization

Datasmith Network Solutions is an authorized Microsoft Surface retailer. Datasmith received this authorization through its participation in the Trust X Alliance. The Trust X Alliance is a network of IT Service Providers whose mission […] Read more »


What Does Cybersecurity Look Like in 2018?

Bitcoin, the General Data Protection Regulation in Europe and the Internet of Things (IoT) are recent developments that will present security professionals with new challenges in 2018. That’s in addition […] Read more »


SECURITY ALERT: Adobe Flash Vulnerability Detected

Adobe has released a Zero Day Vulnerability Advisory for Adobe Flash Player and Earlier Versions What is a zero day vulnerability? A zero-day exploit is an attack that exploits a previously […] Read more »