Tech Tips


How Much Do Power Outages Cost Your Business?

It’s bad enough when the lights go out, and you lose your favorite TV program and AC. Not fun grocery shopping and replacing a fridge full of food after a prolonged blackout. […] Read more »


You’re in the cloud.. what should you do next?

So, you’ve managed to get the key decision makers on-board with migrating to the cloud. You’re excited and envisioning how much simpler tech life will be. You know the cloud will […] Read more »


How To Combat Cyber Criminals: Beat Them At Their Own Game

Planting decoys and setting traps on your network to lure attackers is not a new concept. Deception technology creates a very sophisticated decoy environment—designed to look and act exactly like […] Read more »


The Top 9 Cybersecurity Threats

  Years ago the biggest cybersecurity threat came from a pop-up window or suspicious email asking you to share your social security number in exchange for a share of a […] Read more »


5 Common IT Investment Mistakes

As your business grows, it is common to look to invest in technologies that improve operations, productivity, and give you a competitive advantage. Implementing new or upgraded enterprise software, cloud infrastructures, or […] Read more »


NY Sets The Precedent for Cybersecurity Regulations

In March 2017, the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) implemented 23 NYCRR 500, generally referred to as the New York Cybersecurity Regulation. Its aim is to encourage financial […] Read more »


Vendors Now Selling iPhone Hacking Technology

  Apple may no longer claim the title of “most secure mobile phone.” Law enforcement agencies have recently shown interest in iPhone encryption hacking software from two new vendors. In […] Read more »


Technology is a Hidden Competitive Advantage

Less than 2o years ago businesses were built without things like the Internet, smart phones, and tablets. Today businesses are inundated with technologies like robotics, Artificial intelligence and quantum computing which will […] Read more »


Strategic Investment Guide for Technology

CFOs are looking for the best ROI. What will the money the company spends give back to the organization? Sometimes the ROI is clear: if you invest in a new […] Read more »


Can your IT software and equipment help with your taxes?

Many businesses have just wrapped up or in the middle of tax season. The one time of year where everyone frantically searches for receipts, invoices, and financial records. There are […] Read more »