Virtualization creates operating systems, hardware platforms, networks, and storage facilities that don’t physically exist. With virtualization, one host machine typically runs 4 guest servers, dramatically increasing the capacity to store and share data.

Because these servers can’t “see” each other, virtualized networks are secure and don’t compromise functionality. Even more exciting, hosting can now be done in the Cloud

Usually associated with large Enterprise networks, Virtualization can also be used on a modest scale. For a small business this might mean investing only in one motherboard and one set of memory instead of separate systems.

By liberating servers from physical restraints, businesses find they can be “virtually everywhere.”

Datasmith uses VMware®, the industry’s leading virtualization platform, to help companies cut costs and increase efficiency.

We can handle the job from start to finish or assist where needed to:

  • Develop a virtualization strategy
  • Do a system assessment
  • Provide a detailed statement of work
  • Install hardware and software
  • Consolidate and automate processes
  • Train users and monitor progress
  • Schedule maintenance to reduce down-time

Datasmith can be as virtual as you are – working on site or off.