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For over 30 years, Leominster Family Dentists’ top priority has been the comfort and well-being of their patients. By utilizing today’s latest, state-of-the-art technology, their caring staff make all treatments safer and more effective while enhancing the patient’s overall comfort. They pride themselves in serving their community and providing families comprehensive oral health.


When Lindsey Gambaccini returned to Leominster Family Dentists as the Office Manager in 2013, Dr. Stephen Markowitz had been running the business and handling the office management by himself. There were some definite issues that she had to handle, and quickly, the biggest of which was around their infrastructure. “The IT company he had hired was awful,” Lindsey recalled. “Nothing was working, they offered no help, and never communicated. This made for a reactive start to our relationship with Datasmith, but when they called and came in to meet, they were able to get us out of a bind and back in shape.” The first project that Datasmith worked on was putting a new backup system in place, which was followed by managed services. The quality of work led to the Datasmith team doing similar work in the organizations other offices in Littleton and Chelmsford.


“Thanks to Datasmith my staff and I can do our jobs and not worry about IT. Our relationship is going on 4 years and I look forward to many more years of great service.” – Dr. Stephen Markowitz

As a dental practice, it is critical that Leominster Family Dentists is fully compliant with HIPAA regulations, secure, and up to date, if not ahead, of technology. “Datasmith was really good in making sure that we are compliant. They conduct HIPAA training with their staff, know what technology products and practices to recommend, and they know all of our dental software, x-ray sensors, and what software works best with which hardware.” “Dr. Markowitz always turns to the team at Datasmith for their expertise,” Lindsey noted. Datasmith’s on-site IT professional, Marvio, has made it his priority to know Leominster Family Dentists’ business, inside and out. “Marvio is really good at steering us in the right direction based on our needs. They know what they’re talking about.”


The partnership with Datasmith is a great fit for Leominster dental. This is due in large part to the time and energy Datasmith dedicates to getting to know their clients. “They are really good at being organized and knowing us as a client and what our needs are. Sometimes even before we know what they are!” To stay on top of client needs, Datasmith’s practice is to hold Quarterly Business Review meetings. Lindsey shares, “They always check in. I don’t have to make things top of mind for me. I don’t have to manage them, they manage us – which is great.”

When meeting with any potential client, Michael from Datasmith makes it a point to understand any pain or challenges they’re experiencing when it comes to their technology services and infrastructure. Dr. Stephen Markowitz remembers this conversation with Michael, and notes, “Before we started working with Datasmith, our old IT provider came onsite, did work, and never told the staff what he did. He would send me bills for work I never authorized. Michael makes sure the engineers at Datasmith always check in and out with Lindsay before they leave the office, and I always receive a quote before any work is performed.”


One thing that sets Datasmith apart from other Managed Service Providers is that they’re always thinking about what’s next. How they can proactively help their clients and improve their work.

“Datasmith is a part our team, not just a company we hire. We feel that they care about us. It’s a more personal relationship that is friendly and secure. We feel that they have our best interests at heart.”

Over the last five years, Datasmith has become a trusted business partner with Leominster Family Dentists, not just the IT guys. They have moved the organization to the cloud, helped with the phone system VOIP even though it wasn’t their system or purchased through them, have replaced servers and desktops, and have overall exceeded expectations.

The next step for Leominster Family Dentists and Datasmith is a new server. For Lindsey, the project is unlike others in the past. “It’s easy and friendly. I don’t have to think about whether or now we’re going to get what we need with Datasmith.” There are no roadblocks with them. It’s always easy and seamless.”

“Thanks to Datasmith my staff and I can do our jobs and not worry about IT,” Dr. Markowitz added. “Our relationship is going on 4 years and I look forward to many more years of great service.”

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