Unleash The Power of The Cloud


Today’s businesses need the scale and flexibility that cloud provides if they want to remain competitive. With the cloud becoming such a significant part of business today, it is no surprise that 85% of decision makers believe the cloud will be a vital part of their digital transformations strategies over the coming years.

The cloud market is expected to reach $162 billion in 2020. However, the vast variety of solutions available for hybrid cloud environments has led to service delivery infrastructure becoming increasingly complex. Understanding the complexities, and how to leverage them to your advantage, will be essential to cloud success.

Working With Different Cloud Vendors

Microsoft and 451 Research revealed that nearly 1/3 of companies worked with 4 or more cloud vendors in 2016. Working with different cloud providers allows organization to mitigate security risk. It is expected that organizations will work with more cloud providers as the technology progresses.

This ever-changing complex environment has created the need to be able to see and analyze traffic to improve service assurance, security assurance and business analytics. There will be a sharp increase in the amount of data that will travel back and forth over the hybrid cloud environments. Continuous, and scalable, monitoring and analysis of traffic flows will become essential to a successful hybrid cloud strategy.

As the amount of businesses utilizing the cloud continues to grow, visibility in the cloud overall will come take top priority. Continuous end-to-end visibility across data centers, WAN, branch offices, cloud environments, and SaaS environments will enable IT teams to identify current or potential problems, resolving them rapidly and maintaining business operations.

Activating Smart Data

It’s no surprise that data is becoming more complex. How can businesses  get a handle on the increase in data from the traffic on physical and virtual networks? The first step is choosing the right IT Solutions provider. The right provider will have a team of engineers who can analyze data and provide reports back to you. Unless you have a large in-house IT team, most businesses will rely on the assistance of an IT Solutions Provider to implement the cloud and analyze the data that comes with it.

This provider should be adopting a smart data approach. Your provider should obtain a complete top-down detailed picture of the new hybrid IT environment. This will enable a true understanding of application performance, service availability, reliability and responsiveness. On top of this, troubleshooting ability can take place in real-time and back-in-time, meaning your provider can learn from past mistakes to reduce the risk of it happening again.

The Future Cloud 

It’s clear that the cloud will continue to be crucial for businesses to grow and achieve success. Over a third of IT professionals cited moving faster as their top goal for this year. Leveraging the cloud’s agility and flexibility is the best way to move faster, more efficiently, this year.

Many IT vendors are disrupting the status quo and showcasing the huge potential that hybrid cloud can bring. It is important for businesses to partner with vendors who are adopting or have adopted cloud based solutions. If you are currently working with a vendor who has not started to migrate to the cloud, it may be time to find a new vendor to work with. The right IT Solutions provider will have an extensive network of trusted vendors its clients will work with. Datasmith maintains a vast network of trusted vendors. These vendors are experts in their fields and provide top quality service to our clients.

2018 is going to become the year that the hybrid cloud becomes mainstream. Datasmith is here to help your business truly digitally transform and achieve success through the cloud. Contact us today to see how the cloud can improve your business operations and your bottom line.