Is the cloud secure?


The cloud is dominating the IT industry – is it safe for your business?

Datasmith hears many clients say, “The cloud isn’t safe,” and “Won’t anyone be able to steal my information?” Major public clouds have proven themselves much less susceptible to attack than the average enterprise data center. Public clouds operate using several data centers across the world. This is your first layer of protection. If one center is damaged or threatened, it can shift its workload to another center in another country.

Your second layer of defense is that major public cloud providers are only concerned with the storage and operation of your data and services. They do not worry about the execution so they can focus their time on ensuring that they are secure from all fronts. Major public cloud providers have teams of security engineers continuously monitoring for threats and weaknesses in the cloud.

What the industry is creating now is a security policy to protect customer data. With PCI and HIPAA compliance being a major concern for businesses, businesses and government are working to identify the best strategy for storing and protecting customer data in the cloud. This will be the next development in cloud security.

What are the advantages of cloud computing?

Cloud computing’s main appeal is drastically shorter time to market of applications that need to scale dynamically. But developers are also drawn to the cloud by the abundance of advanced new services that can be incorporated into applications, from machine learning to internet-of-things connectivity.

Although businesses sometimes migrate legacy applications to the cloud to reduce data center resource requirements, the real benefits of the cloud apply to new applications that take advantage of cloud services and “cloud native” attributes.

Cloud computing, public or private, has become the platform of choice for large applications, particularly ones that need to change frequently or scale dynamically. More significantly, the major public clouds now lead the way in enterprise technology development, debuting new advances before they appear anywhere else. Workload by workload, businesses are opting for the cloud. It’s scalability, affordability, and endless opportunity are the biggest draws for businesses.

Adapt the cloud in 2018 and see how it can transform your business. Datasmith is here to help you understand the cloud and the benefits it can bring to your business.