Companies spent $157 BILLION Dollars on Information Security


Companies all over the world spent $157 billion on cyber¬†security products over the past two years. This amount is expected to rise drastically over the next five years. Creating a cyber security plan doesn’t have to break the bank. Utilizing the right tools and services can drastically reduce costs and maximize your budget. To craft a cyber security plan we have to understand a couple things.

1. What Has To Be Protected?


No one expects a business owner to be a computer expert. Many people rely on the fact that every day they will get up, turn on their devices, and they will work. They don’t understand the inner workings of their devices because they don’t need to. But to understand what needs to be protected you need to understand this. A computer is essentially a giant layer cake. There are layers and layers of executions and data that all work together to create the device you use everyday.

Determining what needs to be protected means finding the layer just above the layers that you don’t want a hacker to reach. This layer, and the few above it, are the wall protecting your sensitive information from hackers. These are the layers a cyber security plan works to protect.


2. What Is The Protection Needed From?

Cyber security is not a science, yet. Only a part of it has managed to evolve into a science called cryptography, which is a science often associated with data protection. Cryptographers often study the effects of a virus like WannaCry or PetYa. Examining how the hackers encrypted the data in hopes that they can learn and protect from future threats. Because cyber security is not a science, we do not have concrete theories and formulas for protection.

What we do know is that cyber security is a must to protect businesses from things like viruses, ransomware, malware, phishing attacks, and more. We do know that hackers are evolving faster than the solutions being created to protect businesses. However, we are closing the gap between innovation and threats.

A sound cyber security plan is one that protects your business from multiple angles and at multiple layers of your technology. Datasmith understands the concern business owners have when it comes to digital threats. That’s why we created a FREE workshop to help you develop your cyber security plan. For more information and to register, click here.