Tech Tips

hacker 05.18.2017

WannaCry Virus: Will it make you want to cry?

The WannaCry virus is the latest security threat to sweep the world. The WannaCry virus is a ransomware virus. A ransomware virus is designed to infiltrate your operating system and […] Read more »

Gmail Phishing 05.04.2017

Google’s Phishing Attack: Massive Threat to GMail Users

Are you a GMail user? Odds are most people use GMail at some point during their day. Whether it’s to utilize the Google Drive, Google Photos, YouTube, or GMail, you […] Read more »

Cloud-BI-Importance-by-Function 04.25.2017

A Recap of The 2017 State of Cloud Business Intelligence

Earlier this week Dresner Advisory Services published their 6th annual report on Cloud Business Intelligence (BI) titled 2017 Cloud Computing and Business Intelligence Market Study. This report provides insights into […] Read more »

light-305069_960_720 04.18.2017

Are you looking for a CIO?

When you talk about the C-Suite, everyone typically thinks of the CEO and CFO, as these are two of the more public c-suite roles. But there are more members on […] Read more »

dental-office-sign 04.10.2017

Delta Dental Price Changes Means Big Impact For Dental Office

Delta Dental, Massachusetts’ largest Dental insurance provider, recently announced it would be lowering rates for employers and, in turn, reducing reimbursement rates for dentists. This left many Massachusetts dentists in […] Read more »

Managed Service Plans 03.12.2017

Where should you store your data?

Remember when data was simple?¬†Your biggest concern was whether your file would fit on a floppy disk. Now data is big business. Companies large and small have terabytes of files, […] Read more »

human-error 03.07.2017

This 1 Error Shut Down Popular Sites For Up To 5 Hours

1 error, 1 wrong stroke of the keyboard, 1 simple mistake caused sites like Slack, Expedia, and the Securities and Exchange Commission to go down for up to 5 hours […] Read more »

Managed Service Plans 02.23.2017

Putting IT All Together

How many different vendors are providing your IT services right now? Is there one vendor for software, another for servers, a virtual vendor for phones? The list can go on […] Read more »

2017-snowfall-23 02.09.2017

Don’t Let The Snow Shut Down Your Business

Just when we thought we’d escape winter with a reasonable amount of snow, Mother Nature changed her plans. Two snow storms in one week leaving over 2 feet of snow, […] Read more »

the cloud 01.27.2017

Why do you need to migrate to IaaS?

Datasmith’s goal for 2017 is to remove the “veil of mystery” around cloud based IT solutions. For years companies have been handling¬†IT services based on tangible products and services. It […] Read more »