Tech Tips

Virus 07.10.2017

How To Create A Cyber Security Plan

With digital threats increasing in frequency and severity, cyber security is quickly becoming a top priority for businesses. Remember when places like Target and Home Depot faced massive security breaches? […] Read more »

Petya 06.28.2017

SECURITY ALERT: New Ransomware Threat – Petya Virus

The Petya virus is the latest ransomware to hit thousands of computers internationally. Believed to have started in Ukraine this virus has already shut down companies in Russia, Australia, and the […] Read more »

human error 06.14.2017

How To Prevent Ransomware in 2017

In May 2017, a message greeted workers in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS): “Oops, your files have been encrypted!” This is how malware known as WannaCry made its debut. […] Read more »

check-engine-light 06.08.2017

Is it time for your 6 month check-up?

When was the last time you had your car serviced? Taken it for an oil change? Maybe given it a car wash? Odds are you can remember the last time […] Read more »

dos 06.06.2017

The Next Generation of Cyber Security Threats: Denial of Service

We’ve been talking a lot about cyber security lately. With the latest Wanna Cry cryptovirus crippling thousands of companies, it’s no surprise that security is at the top of everyone’s […] Read more »

hacker 05.18.2017

WannaCry Virus: Will it make you want to cry?

The WannaCry virus is the latest security threat to sweep the world. The WannaCry virus is a ransomware virus. A ransomware virus is designed to infiltrate your operating system and […] Read more »

Gmail Phishing 05.04.2017

Google’s Phishing Attack: Massive Threat to GMail Users

Are you a GMail user? Odds are most people use GMail at some point during their day. Whether it’s to utilize the Google Drive, Google Photos, YouTube, or GMail, you […] Read more »

Cloud-BI-Importance-by-Function 04.25.2017

A Recap of The 2017 State of Cloud Business Intelligence

Earlier this week Dresner Advisory Services published their 6th annual report on Cloud Business Intelligence (BI) titled 2017 Cloud Computing and Business Intelligence Market Study. This report provides insights into […] Read more »

light-305069_960_720 04.18.2017

Are you looking for a CIO?

When you talk about the C-Suite, everyone typically thinks of the CEO and CFO, as these are two of the more public c-suite roles. But there are more members on […] Read more »

dental-office-sign 04.10.2017

Delta Dental Price Changes Means Big Impact For Dental Office

Delta Dental, Massachusetts’ largest Dental insurance provider, recently announced it would be lowering rates for employers and, in turn, reducing reimbursement rates for dentists. This left many Massachusetts dentists in […] Read more »