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Softlayer-Logo 07.26.2016

5 Things You Need To Know About IBM Softlayer

When IBM acquired Softlayer in 2013, it created a ripple in the IT community. The cloud platform industry had largely been dominated by Amazon Web Services (AWS). IBM’s acquisition was […] Read more »

Server Down 07.21.2016

Pokemon Go: A Lesson In Servers

You’ve probably noticed an influx of people walking around aimlessly with their faces buried in their phones. Although you may think it’s just a new crop of annoying smartphone users, […] Read more »

Windows 10 07.18.2016

Should you ignore the Free Windows 10 Upgrade?

If you’re like any of the millions of Windows users across the world, you’ve most likely received a pop-up warning you about this: And if you’re like most everyday Windows […] Read more »

trust cloud 07.13.2016

Companies Who Fully Trust The Cloud Saw 9.1% Revenue Growth

Forbes released an interesting article this week about the affect trust in the cloud has on revenue growth. Organizations who put “one foot in the water,” only saw about a […] Read more »

Locky Example 06.28.2016

LOCKY VIRUS: New Threat To You

We’ve been posting a lot about viruses lately. Why? Because one of the world’s top email bots, Necurs, mysteriously disappeared for about a month and was spotted a week or so ago sending […] Read more »

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 10.25.22 AM 06.16.2016

Cyber Attack Warning: Attacker Could Be In Your Office

IBM recently released a startling new chart on cyber attacks in business. IBM’s research shows that 60% of all cyber attacks start with an inside job. That means your cyber […] Read more »

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 2.36.06 PM 06.06.2016

VIRUS WARNING: DMA Locker Targets Windows Users

Virus Can Shut Down Your Office, A Ransomware Threat DMA Locker was recently detected by the Dell Sonicwall Team. This is a ransomware threat. Ransomware holds your files captive, under […] Read more »

Reading-Traffic-Management-Moves-to-the-Cloud2 06.01.2016

83% Of Data Center Traffic Will Be In The Cloud By 2019

Cisco’s latest market analysis was released several days ago. According to Cisco’s research, 83% of data center traffic will be in the cloud within the next 3 years. A large […] Read more »

Virus 05.23.2016

Top 3 IT Mistakes Every IT Company Makes

Often times we begin working with many of our clients because of a mistake made within their organization. Whether it was an employee opening an attachment from an unknown source, […] Read more »

2016-05-11 09.20.39 05.12.2016

Event Recap: IBM Softlayer

On May 11, 2016 we hosted our second workshop in our three part IT series designed to help business owners make empowered decisions about the cloud. This workshop was designed […] Read more »