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the cloud 12.15.2017

Private vs. Public vs. Hybrid Clouds

Just like in weather, there are several types of clouds available for cloud computing. Each comes with their own benefits. How should you choose which is best for you and […] Read more »

Reading-Traffic-Management-Moves-to-the-Cloud2 12.10.2017

Everything You Need To Know About The Cloud

We talk a lot about cloud based software, platforms, and the cloud itself. As we enter the New Year, we wanted to provide an overview of The Cloud and it’s […] Read more »

Microsoft_logo.svg 12.05.2017

Microsoft Office Vulnerability Leaves Many At Risk

A vulnerability in Microsoft Office software allows hackers to potentially take control of your computers and systems. A remote code execution flaw exists in Microsoft Office when the software fails to […] Read more »

black-friday-cyber-monday-2015-3d-printer-deals8 11.13.2017

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Scams

Beware of common scams during the busiest shopping days of the year! With the increasing popularity of online shopping, consumers biggest worry when shopping is no longer pickpockets and thieves. […] Read more »

Phones Done 11.09.2017

Don’t Let THIS Happen To Your Business

Have you ever received an email like this? With Halloween’s wild storm, many people were left without power. However, that doesn’t mean your business has to stop. Emails like create […] Read more »

krack-attack-100738914-large 10.20.2017

NEW Cyber Threat: KRACK Attacks

KRACK Attacks Target Wifi: Using a vulnerability in WPA2, hackers target sensitive consumer data.  What is a KRACK Attack? KRACK is an acronym for Key Reinstallation Attack. It involves an […] Read more »

Cybersecurity Datasmith 10.20.2017

Cybersecurity Event Recap: Protecting Your Business from Digital Threats

On Wednesday Datasmith Network Solutions and NCGIT hosted a free cybersecurity workshop in Norwood, MA. This event focused on cybersecurity and protecting your business. Why? The well-known Target data breach […] Read more »

Slow-AV-Scans 10.09.2017

4 Ways To Detect and Avoid Digital Threats

There is no way to continuously scan for every kind of digital threat. With hackers continuously evolving, staying on top of the current vulnerabilities is a challenge. All too often organizations […] Read more »

Cool-Equifax-Logo-68-About-Remodel-Create-A-Logo-with-Equifax-Logo 09.25.2017

Lessons Learned from Equifax

Needless to say Equifax has left a bad taste in many consumers’ mouths. With vague responses to what actually happened to cause such a massive breach and limited solutions for […] Read more »

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 8.26.47 AM 09.13.2017

Understanding The Equifax Security Breach

143 Million People Compromised: Equifax announced last week that a security breach has potentially exposed 143 million people What Happened? On Tuesday, Equifax announced a security breach due to an Apache […] Read more »