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pci-compliant-hosting 10.09.2015

PCI Compliance: Myths v. Facts

We covered some common HIPAA Compliance misconceptions last month on our blog (read more here). But what about PCI Compliance? Many business often forget that regardless of how much business […] Read more »

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 11.17.13 AM 10.07.2015

Tech Tip: New iPhone, New bugs!

Did you pre-order the newest iPhone? Or upgrade it iOS 9? Then you may have noticed your data consumption increasing too. A new feature called “Wi-Fi Assist” could be the […] Read more »

B&L Security Nov 4 v2-01 10.06.2015

Event Alert: Breakfast and Learn November 4th!

We had a wonderful turn out for the first ever Datasmith Breakfast and Learn Event in September. Guests were able to learn more about the cloud for business and how […] Read more »

chip reader 10.01.2015

It’s time to use your credit card chip!

Have you received a new credit card in the mail lately? Did you notice a small silver chip on it? That chip isn’t just for looks. Starting October 1st all […] Read more »

cloud-computing 09.29.2015

Top 3 Cloud Myths Debunked

  We hear a lot of interesting theories about the cloud. Mainstream society has done a pretty good job of misinterpreting the cloud for personal use. Some people believe the […] Read more »

FINAL Fall Cloud Graphic-01 09.21.2015

Starting The Transition To The Cloud

Before Datasmith begins moving you to cloud based solutions, we start by sending our team of engineers in to analyze your current technology. These engineers not only learn about what […] Read more »

the cloud 09.14.2015

Transitioning To Cloud Based IT Solutions

The hardest part about moving your business from on-site technology to cloud based products and services is changing your mindset. As a business owner, you are worried about making sure […] Read more »

ringcentral 09.09.2015

Vendor Experience – RingCentral

We work with many vendors at Datasmith Network Solutions. Our goal is to form long-term relationships with our vendor partners so we can use their expertise with your business. In […] Read more »

FINAL Fall Cloud Graphic-01 09.04.2015

Breakfast and Learn Event: Fall Into The Cloud

  If you receive our newsletter (if you don’t receive our newsletter sign up here) you may have heard that Datasmith Network Solutions’ is hosting an event this month. We […] Read more »

HIPAA (1) 08.31.2015

HIPAA Compliance – Common Misconceptions

As we talked about last week, compliance in the cloud is extremely important for your business’ integrity. It is even more important for the healthcare field. HIPAA comes with a […] Read more »