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Disruptive technology innovation revolution word tag cloud 12.01.2015

“Disruptive Technology” – What is it and what’s next for business?

Disruptive technology refers to any new technology that is developed and replaces an established technology. For example: the cell phone arrived and replaced the home phone or the laptop arriving […] Read more »

IoT internet of things 11.23.2015

What is the IoT? (Internet of Things)

You may have heard of the Internet of Things or IoT recently. This term is popping up in mainstream media with more frequency. We are here to break down this […] Read more »

the cloud 11.18.2015

Cloud Traffic Will QUADRUPLE By 2019

Cisco recently released an updated Cisco Cloud Index that predicts cloud based traffic will grow 33% per year over the next 5 years. They are also predicting that 55% of […] Read more »

snow 11.16.2015

What impact does the snow have on your business?

It’s time to talk about everyone’s least favorite “S” word: snow. Last year the Northeast experienced one of the worst winters in its history. Storms came in dumping feet of […] Read more »

Paul Smith from Datasmith Network Solutions 11.08.2015

Breakfast and Learn: Compliance & Cyber Security Event Recap

Our 2nd Breakfast and Learn event was a huge success! We had Adam Cravedi from Compass IT Compliance present on HIPAA and PCI compliance, Steve Palenscar from Foley and Palenscar Insurance […] Read more »

hacker 10.29.2015

Have you hacked into your business lately?

Yes you read that title right. We’re asking if you have tried to hack into your business lately. Most of you are probably answering, “No,” and wondering why we’d ask […] Read more »

HIPAA (1) 10.22.2015

5 Common HIPAA Mistakes

HIPAA can be your worst nightmare if you don’t stay up to date on current practices and procedures. We have compiled 5 common HIPAA mistakes so that you can avoid […] Read more »

pci-compliant-hosting 10.09.2015

PCI Compliance: Myths v. Facts

We covered some common HIPAA Compliance misconceptions last month on our blog (read more here). But what about PCI Compliance? Many business often forget that regardless of how much business […] Read more »

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 11.17.13 AM 10.07.2015

Tech Tip: New iPhone, New bugs!

Did you pre-order the newest iPhone? Or upgrade it iOS 9? Then you may have noticed your data consumption increasing too. A new feature called “Wi-Fi Assist” could be the […] Read more »

B&L Security Nov 4 v2-01 10.06.2015

Event Alert: Breakfast and Learn November 4th!

We had a wonderful turn out for the first ever Datasmith Breakfast and Learn Event in September. Guests were able to learn more about the cloud for business and how […] Read more »